Zeke's Testimonial(s) Page

My Pet Turtle STINKS Lotto Ticket Story

Zeke Called me up to tell me this cute LOTTO Ticket Flirt Tipping Story.

Barbara the waitress brought icewater.

So Zeke Smiled and Said, "You Deserve a THOUSAND DOL LAR Thank you
Reward for all your hard work."

Handed Barb an Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Ticket.

Barb Smiled Back - Delighted.

So Zeke Asked, "What are you going to B U Y first if you WIN a 1000.00 Bucks?"

And Barb said, "Shrimp for my Pet Turtle!"

Zeke Laughed. Then asked Barb, "What is your Turtle's name?"

Barbara MOCK Glared at him - hands on hips.

"My daughter bought him for my Birthday. Named him Stewart. And he was
only an inch long. But I made a BIG Mistake. This kind of turtle Grows
to fit the size of his habitat. And I put him in a 150 gallon Fish
tank. He's grown to be a FOOT LONG and Now he STINKS!"

Zeke Laughed and made a guess.

"And you can't get rid of Stewart cuz he was a gift from your daughter?"

Barb nodded her head and said, "It gets worse. I looked up this breed
of water turtle and he lives to be 40 or 50. He might outlive ME!"

While this Badinage was going on...

Barb brought extra drinks, fresh condiments, and put the side dishes
on BIG Plates such that Zeke said he almost couldn't eat all the food.