Willie H's Testimonial(s) Page

How a 2.00 Magic Wand Landed a 60,000.00 Promotion



I sent you $50.

I'm giving you a story you can use...

When I first arrived here in Abilene Texas, I had tons of trouble with a white
supervisor here. I thought he just hated black people...

No problem... I grew up in the south...

Then... one day he... just blew up at me. Used every cuss word I ever heard of...
and a few new ones too.

So... I asked him... "I know you're upset... if you had a magic wand and could
make all your problems vanish... would you?"

Hell yeah I would!

What would be the first thing you would make go away?

My son-in-law!

Ok... he's gone... how do you feel now? (I waved my hands in front of his face)

Willie you are not funny... he is still here... what you are some magician?


But if I had a magic wand... I would want you to have mine. Looks like you really
do need one.

He started smiling. Then I went back to work.

The next day... I bought him a cheap $2 magic wand... really I bought two of them.

Every time he would get upset I would stand up a wave the wand... he would start

That $2 magic wand got me my position as Site Manager when promotion time came
around.... $60,000 a year.

I didn't understand totally how it all came together... till you started sending
these ezines out back to back... about your give-to-get book.

Thanks... you are the man.