Todd W's Testimonial(s) Page

250.00 Makes 422,000.00 in 60 days

Todd Called me all excited. A friend
had taken a business trip to China.
Came back with 50 pounds of an
herb that makes you happy and spacey.

Not on any List of Herbs not allowed into
the USA. So Todd Emailed 2000 of his customers.

Then sent an ounce to all 2000 of these former
hippies. With a order form - 500.00 an ounce.

He sold all 50 pounds at 500.00 an ounce
for a profit of 422,000.00 (Todd Charged
Extra for shipping)

50 lbs of this herb was dirt cheap in China
only 250.00 -

Todd W - as told to Glenn Osborn