Tim G's Testimonial(s) Page

10.00 Makes 87.00 on an AIRPLANE!

Hi Glenn,

Love the Pay it Forward book and project!

I just read the new 7 chapters over the weekend - great stuff.

I have been (for years) and AM in the HABIT of paying forward and I have 100%
success record for MULTIPLE times return on my "investments".

Here is a quick story you can use.

I was reading the ebook (version 1 that I won on Ebay) on a flight from JFK to Milan.

At the end of each flight American Airlines makes a collection for their
"Change for Good" campaign.

They collect your foreign spare change to use to help kids worldwide.

As the steward passed my seat I tossed in the bag a brand new crisp $10 bill
(not spare change, but 100% of the cash I had on me at the time).

Felt good...finished the ebook ..etc...
As I was leaving the parking garage my payment ticket didn't work.
I called the attendant...he tried to get to work...etc...

After a couple of minutes, he just waved me through and said
"consider it a gift"....a gift indeed...the parking bill would have been $87.00.

Just a coincidence?
Maybe, but you can't tell me that these two things are not connected.

Keep up the good work.