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How the Chief Jumped The 2 hr Line

How the Chief Jumped The 2 hr Line -

Aloha Glenn,

Just sent you the moolah!

Here's the testimonial:

I'm visiting Hawai'i for a few months. The problem here is that there are NO lotto tickets sold here, plus the fact that most servers in restaurants are pretty well "jaded" (too many tourists ;-) .

So, what I did was buy a few $2 bills (as Glenn suggests in earlier emails). So, I went to one of the "high-end" restaurants without a reservation (not a good thing to do on a Friday night, with an entourage).

I talked with the Hostess for a while (since I had a 2 hr. wait to be seated).

I said I had a gift for her, & handed her 5 x $2 bills, and a $20 lei (flower strand) they were selling in the gift shop.

She lit up like a New Year's celebration, and we ended up getting the best seat in the house!

For a few bucks, we got to sit at the VIP seat, in our own private corner, overlooking the Ocean, & treated like royalty!

My friends were ecstatic, as you can guess.

Mahalo nui loa, Glenn! (I looked it up - means - Thank you very much)

The Chief