Susan W's Testimonial(s) Page

Shelf Stocker Helps me Find The Gelatin

Thanks Glenn,

So I'm feeling lost in one
of those Giant size Super Food

After walking half a mile I find
the Kitchen aisle. Flour, baking
powder, Jello - that sort of thing.

But the Aisles are 10 feet tall and
loooong. I'm looking for the powder
stuff you pour Hot Water into.

Then drop bananas and grapes
into before it hardens - so I can
make my own desert. Instead
of that commercial garbage.

I find little boxes of icing,
Yeast and cake polish. Egad.
Now they have stuff to make
cakes look SHINY.

Anyway. I tell the giant Shelf
stocker guy, "HELP. You put all this
stuff on the shelf so you must
know where to find this Gelatin

George looks. Can't find it either.
Confesses this is his first day on
the job.

I Thank Him and Give him a LOTTO
Ticket for trying. George looks some
More and FINDS IT.

Then tells me next time he sees me
in the Store We'll have a PARTY!

These Lotto tickets are

Susan W.