Steve's Testimonial(s) Page

More Food, Free Dessert, 20% off

Hi Glenn,

I've just used a scratch card for the first time here in the UK.

This afternoon, I'm in one of my favorite restaurants and give the waitress a smile
and a card.

I think I said something like "You really look after me - and I hope this is a
winner for you"

She was truly stunned but delighted.

Now the service is usually good, but this time it was exceptional.

A super ever attentive waitress who made sure I was happy.

The portions seemed a lot larger than usual.

I wanted some extra bread - no problem.

I don't normally have a dessert - but she insisted.

Telling me there was no charge.

On top of all that when I got the bill - there was a mysterious 20% discount.


Sarah, my new best friend, told me the days she worked, and hoped that I would pop

I think I might just do that.