Shannon R's Testimonial(s) Page

My Neighbor Gave Me a PoundCake!

About a month or so ago, we got alot of snow(you probably got it too, I'm in
Southeastern Pa), my neighbor is not in the best of health and she was having a fit
because her cars were plowed in and she could only do so much shoveling. So she goes
back into her house. I dig myself out which took about an 1.5hrs and then I dug her
out, I was probably shoveling for about 3hrs total. When I was done I went back into
the house and had a huge craving for something sweet, cake or cookies, ect..

Well I'm sitting on the couch and about an hour or so later, I get a knock at the
door. Its my neighbor with a cake in her hands. She thanked me for shoveling her
driveway and gave me a freshly baked pound cake that was still warm in the inside. I
wasn't expecting anything. I thanked her for the cake and she went on her way. My
neighbor was happy because she didn't have to shovel, and I was happy that I got
some homemade cake to feed my carbohydrate deficiency!

best regards,

Shannon R

10.00 Tip Makes 175.00

Here's a "Pay it forward" testimonial for you. On Saturday my friend and I placed
a $19.84 dollar delivery order at a local pizzaria. When the pizza man came I gave
him a $10 dollar tip. Today I get a call from one of my mobile DJ friends that had
a emergency gig high school gig pop up for this Saturday. I'll make atleast $175
from that. 1750% ROI!

Pay it forward and tithing, what a combination!

Shannon R

Bank Bribed w/Lotto Ticket

Here's a pay it forward testimonial for you.

My ATM(automatic teller machine) was out of munny, so by the time I got to the
bank in the supermarket to make a withdraw, it was closed.

So I went to their ATM and withdrew $20's but I needed them exchanged to $10's.

I go to the service desk and ask if I can exchange my $600 in $20 for $600 in $10's.

The guy at the customer service desk was reading a magazine and acted like I was
bothering him and said all of the $10's are in the registers. So I leave and go to
the bank down the street, not know what to expect since I don't have an account

I get up to the outside teller window and put a LOTTO ticket in the tube and send

After a few minutes the teller is looking at me grinning and asks if thats mine. I
say, "it was but its your now" I tell her that I don't have an account there but
ask if I can make an exchange with the munny, she agrees to it not being a

We exchange munny, she says have a good day, and I say "I hope you win $500", she
laughs, says thanks and I drive off.

I think I made her day, she looked a little grumpy when I pulled up.