Sara's Testimonial(s) Page

SARA'S LOTTO Ticket Testimonial -


I Went to Sprouts Grocers this afternoon, there is a supplement that I
have been waiting for the shipment to come in. This gal, Alice, the
vitamin clerk, always very very helpful to me and so today I gave her
a LOTTO ticket just for helping me out, and she loved it!

She immediately brought me a free bar of soap (these handmade, vegan
soaps and my favorite aroma Lavender).

And a sample of this amazing orange lotion! It was so sweet, and unexpected.
Then when I was checking out buying my flax milk, and Spirulina -the
cashier gentlemen- informed me of great information about the sale
they were having and I handed him a Lucky for Life! and he held it to
his chest in appreciation!

Sara :)