Ryan M's Testimonial(s) Page

5 Lotto Tickets Given Away

Hi Glenn:

OK, I've went through your test. But I hope you don't mind. Because instead of
giving away three $1 scratch-off lotto tickets, I gave away FIVE of them...

Since I did most of these yesterday, I can only give you initial observations. I
promise to email you if I get further results from the test.

- My bubbly, fun morning bus driver on the 310 commuter bus from Baltimore to
Columbia, MD...
- My gruff, quiet afternoon bus driver on the 310 from office to home...
- The Indian-born Sandwich Artist at Subway who serves me lunch most every day...
- The cute pharmacist lady at CVS who was filling my wife's prescription...
- Our server at Loony's Restaurant in Highland, MD who looked like he was 13 years

BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: In all cases, the most immediate reaction was a mix of joy, and
shock. In all cases, the target couldn't seem to stop smiling. With the two bus
drivers, I had the advantage of giving them the ticket when I got on .... then
observing how they reacted 30 minutes later when I got off the bus. In both cases,
they couldn't not smile at me. And I mean that BEAMING kind of smile which is
contagious. But in all case, I also observed a hint of shock and awe. The
jaw-droppping "deer in headlights" look where they literally didn't know what to
think or say. Total pattern interruption. Most could only mumble a "thank
you"...their minds were blanked out. In only one case did a person try to return the
ticket (the cute pharmacist lady at CVS). Luckily my wife was with me. My wife is a
Mary Kay lady, so she's excellent at sales. My wife: "No, you're going to keep it
and enjoy it. It's a gift." Cute Pharmacist Lady: "OK, but since I have your phone
number, if I win, I will call you and split the winnings."

Ryan M.