Rod N's Testimonial(s) Page

Food "bribe" yields a week's pay...

A few weeks ago, my wife told me her boss had been acting kind of cool towards
her. I told her it may be nothing, but suggested she give her a gift of food. As
you know, I'm always creating new things in the kitchen. Her boss raved over a
new bread creation and whimsically requested a loaf of her own. So I sent her

Three weeks ago, my wife returned from vacation and found she had been paid for
it, despite the fact she would have no vacation time until October. When she
questioned her boss about, her boss replied, "You'll be eligible in Oct, so I
thought you deserved it now.

How I got a 216% Return on my Gift

I contribute thousands of dollars annually to a specific group, but last month I
had some unusual expenses and almost didn't send them money. At the last minute I
decided to send them $200. Out of the blue, my coworker asked me to pick up an
extra shift for him - giving me a 216% return on my gift!