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Percy Impressed His Wife -

Percy's 1.00 Bill Tipping Testimonial -

I tried out your dollar bill test at dinner tonight.

Me, my wife, and our kids went to a local restaurant that we haven't
been to in a long time. From the start, it was clear the staff didn't
want to spend their Christmas eve at work.

The hostess was less than enthused to show us to our table but before
I sat down, I handed her a folded dollar bill. Her face lit up.
Immediately, her attitude seemed to change. She went from not saying a
word to talking to our two oldest kids and asking us question after
question about our newborn.

AMAZING. She also gave me a huge smile when I left.

The waiter brought water to the table when we he greeted us and I gave
him a dollar after he passed out the cups of water. He looked
surprised but I just smiled. For the rest of the meal, every time he
brought us something (bread, drinks, dinner, desert) and when he
cleared our plates, I tipped him. He was truly grateful and his
personality reflected it. He checked on us regularly, refilled drinks,
continually asked if their was anything we needed. Top notch service.

As you can imagine, with a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 1 month old, we
are loud and we make a mess. My oldest son dropped his fork and almost
immediately it was happily replaced. My 2 year old dropped his cup of
water and the lid came off. Instantly a new one was in front of him
and we were told over and over not to worry about it.

I also tipped the guy who helped our waiter bring the food and he
looked shocked and gave a sincere, "thank you very much." I just

The person who seemed to get the biggest kick out of all of this was
my wife. She managed a restaurant/bar and bartender for 15 years
before we had kids. After I tipped the hostess she looked surprised
and asked if I tipped her.

Then as I tipped the waiter through the meal she was amazed at the
effect it had. She went from saying, "they're going to think you're
crazy." To saying we have to do this every time we go out.

This little test had a big impact on the service we received.

I'll definitely do it again.