Paul S's Testimonial(s) Page

She Loved Horses. I listened. I got 28 feet of Rope for 2.24

Hey Glen,

Had an interesting experience at the farm implement store.

I was out buying a container for our cats, so I was in the animal supply area.

Back in that area I knew there was also manila rope. As I was walking past I
noticed that the size rope that I wanted there were only two lengths of rope that
remained so I found the friendly store worker. I asked her to measure the two
pieces for me so that I could take them up front and buy them.

We started talking found out that she loves horses. has three of them. she cut
the longer one down to the same length as the shorter one for me.

I didn't think too much of the encounter. That was until I checked out. come to
find out she put a tag on the rope for some other size of rope. I bought a total
of 28 feet of rope. The price was supposed to be $1.89 per foot. The tag she put
on only cost $.08 per foot. So 28 feet of rope cost a total of $2.24 instead of

So I received a savings of 96%!


Paul S