Paul C's Testimonial(s) Page

Paul Takes 3 Girls into a Bar

Pauls Advice for getting Great Service
for a group at a busy Bar...

"I had bought some lotto tickets the day before, so I ordered a drink
at a bar and when the bartender brought it I looked at her and said:
"Wow, that was fast. You sure have this thing down."

I smiled, waited for a reaction and then HAND anchored with a lotto ticket.

Said: "Let me know when you win will you?"

The bartender looked at me with this puzzled face and then broke out
with a huge smile. "Thank you! Is this real?", she asked;

"You have to find out don't you" I said. Then she started to giggle
like a little girl and scratching off the ticket.

Sad to say that we didn't stay too long there, else I would have kept
tipping. But from what I could see, I certainly made this girl happy.