Nick H's Testimonial(s) Page

Ditch WeedWacker Gets 50.00 Surprise

Hi Mr. MindWizard,


Pay it forward works amazingly well!!!

I just had a neighbor give me $50 because I trimmed her ditch 2 weeks
ago. It was not a huge job... I was trimming the grass in my ditch,
and continued on into hers. Her gift to me was completely unexpected.

I'll be giving her some honey and a Thank you card. To thank her for
her thank you to me.

Fun, fun, fun.


I Gave $$$ to Church & got Back 250.00

Hey Glenn,

Forgot to tell you, 2-3 weeks ago I gave some $$$ to church, and then
"thanked" in the way you outlined for me. Then the next day I needed
about $200 for a software program... So I asked God for the money
specifically, and I received $250 that afternoon quite unexpectedly.

25.00 Makes 100.00

Hi Glenn,

For a while now, a friend and I have been helping each other out...
with business ideas, advice, support... we are a mastermind of 2.

A while back he really helped me out.. and I sent him a $25 dollar
Amazon gift card as a thank you gift.

Recently, my friend fired his boss after going through an Extreme
Entrepreneurial Rejuvenation. He just sent me a $100 Amazon Gift card

I was speechless. It was VERY kind of him to do that... never expected it.

I was even more speechless (if that's possible) when I saw the
timestamp of when Amazon sent me the Gift Card email notification.

I was actually thinking of giving someone else $7 as a gift just a
minute or two before my friend sent me that Gift Card email!

I thought about it... and my friend had to have been ordering the gift
card, right about the same time I was thinking about giving the $7 to
someone else.

Crazy fun, fun, fun!

Thank you, Glenn...