Kevin's Testimonial(s) Page

1.00 Equals Free Lunch

I drove into the Wendy's drive thru at 8pm on Sunday. I never know what to order. So I asked the young sounding guy on the intrcom what salad he liked.

He talked about something Hawaiian and some kind of Taco Salad. I got that. I was all ready to hand the kid a LOTTO TICKET. But Wendy's has two windows now.

Window #1 one guy took my 1/2 a Taco Salad order.
Window #2 a skinny dark haired dude with a small goatee tried to hand me a white paper bag.

But I stuck a Instant Scratch Off LOTTO TICKET, with a pink Pig on the front, in his face. Told him about the gas station attendant I'd bought it from winning sixty dollars.

"I'm sharing the wealth," I said.

The wiry kid said, "Thank you, Sir." in an amazed voice. Handed me Bag #1. Then Bag #2. I was still putting my munny away. And my lotto tickets. So I quickly parked the two bags on my passenger seat and drove away.

At a red light I peeked inside.

Bag #1 had a plastic container of salad, a fork plus 4 kinds of salad dressing and croutons. Bag #2 had a big 1.99 container of Chili inside.