Matt V's Testimonial(s) Page

HOT Hands RED Face Testimonial

Since I've started the energy exercises (it's been at least 2 years since you taught
me now), I'm so FULL of CHI that my hands are HOT all the time.

After doing only the first 2 exercises I am RED in the face!

When I'm out in public, people ask what I'm ON!

They've never seen someone with so much energy! Makes my shows VERY exciting.

Thanks for the exercises! It's life changing!

Awesome Results - I Gave My Car Away!

I gave my car away on Wednesday! Bought a brand new car so rather than GIVING it to
the dealer for a few grand, I gave it to a young family who are having tough times.

WOW! The last 2 days have been exhilarating!!!

People calling to book shows, a new project out of nowhere and ideas that are going
to pay HUGE!

4 schools called to Book my new Family Show which we're working on together.

Only 2 days since my gift. It feels wonderful and it really is the most exciting
feeling I've ever had.

Just awesome!

I'm away this weekend at shows but when I get back, I'll Paypal you for the muffin
magic book!

INSANE - The DMV Called to Give me 200.00 Back!

Hey Glenn,


By the way- the Pay It Forward system keeps getting better and better!

More people calling for birthday shows and parties. Magicians calling to order
products from me. The DMV tells me they want to give me back $200.00! That's
insanely awesome! The DMV- LOL!