Martin's Testimonial(s) Page

Kickass Meal Experience

Hey man,

Here's what happened when I ran your little test...

I went to lunch with my wife to this Chinese food place here in my city.

As soon as the waiter seated me, I hooked him up with $1 of our local currency. He
looked at me funny -- pattern interrupt. I just smiled and said: "Enjoy and

So he smiled. He asked us what we wanted to drink and took off.

I kid you not - within less than a minute, our ice cold beverages were right in
front of us.

So I hook him up with another buck. Now I've got his eyes spinning. I just smiled
and said: "Enjoy and celebrate..."

We ordered food. We can tell he's putting pressure on the cook. But he doesn't take
his eyes off our table.

When he brings the plate, I hook him up again. This time he's laughing. Now, he's
glued to our table all the way to the end.

All in all, one of the most kick ass meal experiences I've had. All for the huge
cost of three bucks.