Mark M's Testimonial(s) Page

I Used The Obama Head Tilt to Turn a NO into a S ale!

Dear Glenn,

I caught your interview with VegasVince and loved the case studies you shared.

I've also been reviewing your website.

What caught my attention was the Obama head tilt. I unconsciously used the head
tilt last week with a potential customer and it worked like gang busters... and I
didn't even know I was doing it.

I have a potential customer who has been using another person's sharpening services
(pet groooming). It had been about two months since I had visited her grooming
shop. I noticed the owner had darkened her hair and I commented on it. I said it
really looked good and as she was showing her hair off and how the stylist had added
some red coloring to it, I simply tilted my head to the right to look at her hair at
a different angle...

The next thing I know and much to my surprise, she is pulling out clipper blades she
wanted sharpened and without my asking, paid up front with extra for mailing her
back her blades. Now mind you, this is the same lady the day before that said she
didn't need any sharpening over the phone... LOL... I'm sure our next visit will be
much more interesting now that I know about the head tile...

Thanks again for sharing your incredible information.

Mark M