Mark A's Testimonial(s) Page

"Sounds Like" Words Get Banker A Date

For some reason Glenn, you just make me smile.

Anyway, I've been following your advice. Riding on the coat tails of my previous
catch, going out with for nigh on almost a year a former senior vice president of
Wells Fargo Bank, I thought to try my luck once again with another banking chick -
this time at my local bank... one of the cashiers there.

A lovely lass with the most fetching smile imaginable. (And fantastic tits on her
it's got to be said.)

So, when I saw her there a few days ago on cashing a check, with the wind howling
and the rain bleating down sideways outside, I looked at her and I said fast...


Well she blushed a little bit and grinning from ear to ear leaned closer and said,

You know, in that way that only an English lady of class can say, "Pardon?" (Mark

So I looked her in the eye and repeated myself, "I said it's particularly nasty
weather?" And nodded... the direction of the window, my eyes sparkling mischievously.

She gave me a somewhat quizzical look smiling from ear to ear which plainly said,
'are you sure that's what you said first time round'?

Long and short of it the story is...

I think I might have got myself a date. And I couldn't have done it without you
Glenn. Keep up sending those emails.

Quids in the rate we're going we'll take over the bank at this rate.

Cha ching,