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HOW 1.00 LOTTO Tickets DOUBLED A Taxi Cab Drivers Income


Dear Glenn,

Due to the nature of the work, I'm an independent contractor with both fixed
and variable costs

Taxi Drivers like strippers have to 'pay to play'.

Any tip, tactic or technique to give me more revenue
in a world where the mindset of lack prevails
is something I am willing to do in order to add value to others
as well as my life.


This past Sunday I found myself with folks who had just had their birthdays
or where celebrating a birthday.

Having found out this piece of useful info I inquired

"You want to play cash cab?
here's how we play I take you safely home to your destination
and you pay me with cash or credit card."

"Here's a lottery ticket! (of the $1.00 scratch off variety)"

The passenger in the back seat is stunned momentarily with disbelief

Then they break out in laughter.

Net result: Average tip of 15% gets bumped up to 30%