Maceo J's Testimonial(s) Page

20.00 Turns into 800.00 of Free Training

Hey Glenn,

Great show (at the end of October).

Brought back many memories of door-to-door (the horror, the horror!), cold calling, etc...

Here's my testimonial: $20 turns into $800 in free training
I hired a trainer to help with my kettlebell workouts. During the first meeting he
described a range of services he charges for (that we coud do "next session", of
course). The workout went well, and at the end I say, "Dave, I know your rate is
$65 for the hour, but here's $80 because you're such a generous person and I got
more out of this than I bargained for."

During today's session (the one the "additional services"), I not only got the body
work done, I even have hand drawn diagrams and instructions. (oh, I'm also
breathing better, have less shoulder pain, and a stronger mid-section.)


Napkin Thank You Notes Create EXPLOSIVE Laughter & BIG Drinks

Thanks Glenn,

For the excellent email.

The first napkin said.

Thank you ->

For taking care of so many tables during the "passenger rush"

She smiled, crinkled her nose a bit, and tossed her head.

The second napkin included a bit of skulduggery...

On the top of the napkin, I wrote THANK YOU ->

And left it on the table, facing up.

She stalked the table, casting furtive glances at the proffered gift...

Eventually my glass was woefully empty and crying out for additional liquid.

As she approached, I put my iPad down, took up the napkin, held it to my chest,
and said...

I'm sorry for the note earlier, you probably didn't want it.

(she, of course, did. And now the next one all the more)

She took it - and EXPLODED with laughter.

The front of the napkin said "Thank You" with an arrow pointing down.

The back said, "... for crinkling your nose and tossing your head when you laugh."

The next beverage was significantly bigger than the first, as you might imagine.