Kevin A.'s Testimonial(s) Page

Gives His Boss 450.00 Gets 7000+ Back

In re. to giving or paying things forward, an example....
my boss was recently evicted from her apt. and need part of a security deposit
($450) and shortly after that, my business received new income of just over

1.00 Dollar Bill to my Mechanic Saves 7.00

I also needed a few fuses for my car, I went to see my two favorite parts guys,
Tom and Jerry(who I call the best cat and mouse team in the parts business).
I gave Jerry a $1 dollar bill and thanked him for all the great service he has given
me. The fuses cost $12, but he asked me how $5 sounded....sweeter to the ears
was my reply.


Domino Effect Giving Makes 8000.00 Extra

Dear Glenn,

I will try to be as clear as possible....

One of my neighbors(D) was working on his car last Friday,
I walked over, peeked over his shoulder into the hood and said,
"I'll bet its a broken buckle on the fan belt." Got him
laughing and as I was loading papers in the car and still talking
to D, another neighbor (K) came up to us and asked if the wife
(who works on cars), could put some brakes on his car. I told him,
"sure!" He asked how much would she charge? I told him,
"nothing, thats what neighbors are for..." After Julie(the wife)
put on his brakes Saturday, he INSISTED on giving her $100 because
the last time at the gee-rage, the mechanic charged him $600.
Here is where it gets yesterday, I was at work, one
of the bosses(Tammi) who has bought a car from us and LUVS it,
we gave her a deal, had told one of the drivers(F) about me and
the wife. (F) delivers a carrier haul, dropping off bundles at kids'
houses, he had done it with a car, a van which I have is better. (F)
had quit his haul because his car has broken down REPEATEDLY, he
has a new job where he doesn't need a car, but he is looking for a car.
The connection came because Tammi was talking to me about how I
had helped out the neighbors, Tammi's daughter, 13, was standing there
and Tammi wanted me to share with her daughter about helping people
out and NOT expecting anything in return. (F) overheard us talking
about the whole ordeal, said he was interested in a car, told me he had
quit his haul. I wished him well with his new job and he walked away
with a phone number to call us about finding a car for him. After
(F) walked away, I asked my boss Tammi if the carrier haul had been filled.
Tammi asked me if I was interested. I asked her what she would think if
I was. She told me she would have to call my other boss Kris(because it was her area)
(who I gave the $450 to for her security deposit) and told Kris, "Kevin wants the
West Bend haul..." I already
have the Hartford haul and their boss(Kim Dietrich thinks the world of me, I told you
how I went to bat for her when she was trying to get hired as circulation manager.
The haul pays $160 per week x 50 weeks per year=$8000 increased income for me.
EVERYBODY is happy! 4 hours extra work per week at $40 an hour gross is not
too shabby.