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Rude to Chatty 4 Bucks in

I tried the $1 tipping tonight.

Went to a Mexican food place where the waitresses are pretty rude.

the waitress got really chatty with me about 4 bucks in...

I'm going to try it this Saturday when I'm out on a date...

Any ideas for me?

Joshua - Sent from my iPhone

Free BEER w/$1.00 Tipping

Hey Glenn!

Sorry for the delay in responding, but thanks for all of your great tips! It was a
pretty busy week for me, and I've continued to experiment with the $1 tipping...

I recently used it with a male waiter, and it still worked amazingly well!!

We got the best service ever... He even sent another staff member over with napkins
and ketchup just to see if I'd tip, and of course... I did!

The waiter kept coming back to our table and chatting it up with us... He brought me
a free beer on the house just to sample (it was a microbrewery, so they had various
flavors and types of beer... so, I saved $4 there, which covered almost a third of
the tipping I did).

I'm still tweaking my sales letter for business owners, but when it's done, I'll
send it over.

BTW, what can you tell me about head tilting? (He's Referring to "The Obama Head
Tilt Ebook" that Turns Each 1.00 You Tip into 10.00+)

I hope all is well!


(P.S. - Joshua - You'll Find Lots of How-To Testimonials at the Top of the "Obama
Head Tilt" Sales Letter here - )