Joseph B's Testimonial(s) Page

15,000 Theft Lands RICH Investor


I just got off the phone with Joseph. He called to ask advice
on how to get back 15K a "friend" just screwed him out of on a deal.

The "Friend" paid him 3500.00 - Joe talked to the Investor who
paid his "friend" 35K!!!

She knows what his "friend" did to them both. Suddenly decided
to do all her Stock Trades thru Joseph. AND is paying him to
employ and teach her daughter!

Pay - it - Forward!!! (I advised Joe KEEP QUIET. Let the woman investor tell the
world about his lying "friend."

AND while we were talking about her - She CALLED HIS CELL PHONE!

How Cool is that.

Joe stands to make MANY TIMES more than the 15K
He had stolen!