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Happy Cashier

Jim's LOTTO TICKET Testimonial -
Hi Glenn,

I knew "the test" was going to come into the play at some point,
I actually couldn't wait to give it a go....

I did it today at the grocery store and it couldn't have played out
more perfectly....

Imagine the scene...

Speedy checkout line (10 items or less)
I am number 3 in line behind a woman (apparently buying dinner),
a young guy (mid 20's) with Angel Food cake, whipped cream and
Peanut M&Ms (apparently buying dessert).

As I approach the line, the checkout clerk (young man, early 20's)
is cleaning the conveyer belt as the woman, who is first in line,
glares at him with a look of disdain.

He quickly, and with a smile, scans her items and thanks her
for her patronage, then turns to the young guy next in line
and repeats the process.

I step up, smile, and hand him a $1 dollar scratch off lottery
ticket (max prize potential $17,000). As I hand him the
ticket, I say, "this is for serving us with a smile today."

"For me", he asks. "Yes", I say. His eyes grow big,
his smile engulfs his face, and he says "cool, that's cool"

It must of really caught him off guard because he actually
stood there, frozen, for a moment. It was like he forgot
what to do. He just stood there grinning at me, for what
seemed like a minute.

All of a sudden reality hit him and he scanned my items.

As I swiped my card to pay the total, he said "thank you,
that's the coolest thing anyone has ever done."

And with that, I grabbed by bags and said, "I hope you win"
as I made my way to the door.

As i walked out the door, I turned to look back and he was
showing the ticket to 3-4 other clerks and still smiling
(I would guess).

Paying it forward rocks (but I already knew that).

And of course you have my permission to use this
testimony in any way you choose.

Thanks alot Glenn!