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How I Turned Down 20.00 & Made 254.00 The Next Day! -

Here's my quick pay it forward story for this week.

On Monday of last week, I"m waiting at the gas station when a complete stranger
asks me to drive him to an appointment. He's huffing and puffing 'cause he's late.

Offers me $20 to take him 2 minutes down the road (not even a mile).

(I suppose I should set the stage. Currently, I"m out of work. So $20 to drive
someone less that a mile down the road is pretty good money. But... I really
wanted to test the Pay it Forward concept, and my sole source of extra income, is
some items I have listed on eBay.)

But because he's going to be late...Dr. Feelgood's going to charge him $250 for
missing the appointment.

I say "OK, but you can't pay me".

On Tuesday, I get $70.00, on Wednesday, I get $95.00, on Thursday, it's $89.

Now that doesn't seem all that unusual, except these items have been listed on
eBay since the end of June, with NO activity at all.

Looking forward to more testing,