James-Claude's Testimonial(s) Page

Wet Kisser Testimonial

I went out last night to a bar, met
up with a friend, I started telling him about my LOTTO Ticket

He called me a name, so I smiled and turned up the heat.

Ramped up my energy, eyes and smile. Built up rapport with a few of
the girls that were there.

(Before I could hand out any lotto tickets) Out of the blue, a girl
walks up to where I was standing. She Struck up a conversation.

I complemented her necklace.

I told her it looked nice next to her shirt.

I asked her what her favorite color was. Purple.

Unexpectedly she slaps a big wet kiss on my lips and another...and
another. Asked for my phone number.

Needless to say, my friend is standing there with his mouth wide open.

He's still trying to get girls by focusing on their T & A...hahaha


Chocolate Kiss Testimonial

I found myself a big package of Hershey's Kisses.

I then decided to test the waters, got myself in energy sync, imagined
how I would play out and what I would say. First girl was serving
herself coffee, I walked up to her...

"Cindy, would you mind if I ask you something?" "- No, what's up"

"Do you like kisses?" (There she stood quite uncertain of what to make
of my question)

I noticed her eye movements, her skin blushing...and BAM, open palm,
two kisses on my fingertips zipper. She takes the first one, starts
giggling, more blushing. She says "out of everything I like with being
with guys I like kissing the most"

Hmmm, really..."So, that's what you like the most about being with a
guy?" Yes, kissing, kissing, kissing. Another hand anchor.

Left her giggling for a while. Went back to my desk. A few hours
later, I go back, give her another kiss and anchor that.

Then I get bolder...

Grab my big bag of kisses, walk over to the sales department where 4
pretty ladies are talking away amongst themselves.

My mind decides, give a kiss to the manager instead, a guy. Of course,
he has no clue about my devious plans, so he starts giggling away when
I give him a kiss.

The girls catch on, so I wait for an energy wave and then give a kiss
to the girl that I feel attracted less, ignore the one that I like the
most. I'll leave her last. More giggling and energy bursts.

Walk over to the other two, give them some kisses, say that I love to
give kisses. Suddenly, the first girl that I had given a kiss walks in
the office...

Says JP, you're giving kisses to everyone! I turn to the girl I feel
attracted to most, give her 2 kisses and a big smile...

She touches her hair, I touch my hair, she blushes...I stand my
ground, keep her locked in my sight. Giggling, blushing, energy!