Honey's Testimonial(s) Page

LOTTO Ticket Saves $20.00 TESTIMONIAL:

This morning I needed to have my tires rotated.
With balancing they normally charge $20. unless,
the tires where purchased from an American Tires store,
then they are free.

The counter man walked with me to the Jeep and I
explained I was willing to pay the $20. ...
and as we returned to the sales desk I handed him ...
A Scratcher! saying "This is for you for taking care of me!"

It didn't cost me $20. to have my tires rotated ...
"I'm taking care of you man!" he said to me.
On my way out the door I gave him a $5. bill and said,
"Please give this to the fellow who rotated my tires."
"I will!" he said with a great smile.

When I got out to the Jeep,
the tires were glistening with fresh tire black,
they looked brand new!

I love paying it forward Glenn! ...
and YES, you may use this along with my name ...
if you choose.

Waiter Almost Cries

Bob and I decided
to have lunch at MamaMia's Italian Restaurant.

The meatball sandwich was scrumptious and
twice what I could eat ... and then some.

Our waiter Ryan approached our table and
asked if we'd like a box to take home.

"Of course, it'll be dinner" we responded.

In good waiter fashion Ryan asked ...
"Would you like me to take it back and wrap
it for you or, would you prefer me to
bring the take-out boxes back here so
you can package it yourself?"

Up until now, I've never been asked that
question by a waiter ... never.

We both opted to have Ryan take care of it for us.

While Ryan went back to the kitchen ...
I pulled out my trusty pre-printed 'Thank You' cards
and wrote ...

Thank You ... for your professionalism and for your
service. It is greatly apprectiated!" ... and signed it.

When Ryan returned with our to-go boxes ...
I handed him the 'Thank You' card ...
and underneath I included a $1 scratcher ...
worth thousands.

As I handed the card to Ryan I said ...
"It's not very often we get recognized for the
little things we do to improve our service ...
and what you did for us showed your true
professionalism ... and we apprecitate it."

Ryan came close to tears ... really ...
and when I asked what he would buy first
if he won thousands ... his eyes shot up
in both directions ... blinking to hold back tears ...
(we could see how much he appreciated the recognition)
then finally collected himself enough to say ...

"I'd probably pay my rent up ... for a year!"

When I returned a couple of days later and
called him by name ... he was quite surprised ...
and impressed ... "Hey Honey, that scratcher you
gave me ... I won a buck!"

And he was excited!

Thanks Glenn ... for the fun this is ...
and the tremendous impact it has on people's lives.

How Honey Sold 4 RV's w/Lotto Tickets

Honey Jaks - Lotto Ticket RV S ales Results TESTIMONIAL:

Yes, I've been reading them ...(The Ezines)
and so you know ... 95% of the Guru's that have my email ...
seldom if ever get read ... yet,
I read every one of yours because ...
they work ... at least the ones I incorporate.

Five weeks ago I went to work on a RV Lot.
Started with about 25 RV's in inventory,
(Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Motorhomes),
and it was slow going at first.

Then I was 'reminded' of the Magical $1 Scratchers.
I purchase five a day and most days I'm able to give
them all away to prospective RV buyers.

I've been giving them to these prospective buyers as
they arrive at the Sales Door 'Just Looking' for an RV.

Before we get very far along, I hand one of them,
(usually husband/wife or some variation of),
as scratcher and say ...

"This is for YOU! My way of saying 'Thank You'
for coming to visit our dealership and look at RV's.
Maybe you'll get Lucky!"

"Oh, maybe I will get lucky" they say excitedly.

And I'm unlike most RV salespeople.
I let them look on their own ...

I hoover nearby, yet I do my best to just let them
look and touch ... and ocassionally I'll stick my head
in the door and see if they are OK. Usually they'll
ask a question or two ... then back to "Just Looking."
No pressure, no 'Salesman Hype' ...
just a friendly smile.

I know when they see a floorplan they like and the
price fits within their budget, they'll make an offer.
Then we go to work to protect 'Gross'.

In the last week we've sold three coaches and have
an offer coming on a fourth. I'm damn near out of
inventory and already making plans to look elsewhere
for income because ...
if you don't have it ... you can't sell it ... at least RV's.

There's my most recent $1 Scratcher Testimonial.