Herman's Testimonial(s) Page

Coffee, Pie & 2 Phone #'s

Dear Glenn,

OK. Here goes. Last night, here in Houston there are some Mexican
Taquerias called, "Arandas Taquerias." (Great Food and Very Attractive
waitresses, by the way).

I went and got me (5) $1 Texas Lotto Tickets. Jackpot was $16 Million.

I went and got me (5) $1 bills.

There were two gorgeous girls there (Norma) and the other (Veronica).

I asked questions about the food. And asked Norma, "Are You Behaving
yourself?" "Yes," she says.

And I say, "But why, it's so boring?" This made her smile. We both
laugh. This gets me the rapport.

After she took my order and was just about to leave, I gave a $1 bill.

When she bought the food, I gave her a $1 Texas Lotto ticket. I said,
"This is for You to have a chance at winning $16 million dollars. She
really smiled and her eyes got watery.

While all this was going on, the 23 year waitress, Veronica, was
really paying attention to what was happening at our table.

After my waitress left, Veronica, came over and asked me if I needed
anything. I gave her a $1 bill. "Thanks for asking."

Norma came back and asked if I wanted more coffee. I said, "Yes, Thank
You." And gave her another $1 bill.

She smiled.

Then Norma and Veronica got into a heated discussion.

Then, Norma came back and asked me if I wanted more water, I said yes.
I gave her another $1. (I told her I liked her earrings.)

After I finished my meal, Norma came over to clean the table. Then I
gave her another $1. She asked, "What's this for."

I said, "For being My favorite girl." She really Beamed and Smiled and
said, "Wait don't leave yet." Then she came back with a written note
with her phone number on it.

As I was Leaving - Veronica gave me a piece of paper with her phone
number and address on it too.

Oh, one more thing. Norma didn't charge Me for the coffee and the pie.