Egbert's Testimonials Page

EGBERT Testimonial #1 - TITLE - "$5 Attracts $500"

One day, our lawn boy -- the neighbor who used to cut our lawn -- was
asking to cut our lawn for $5 because he needed money to go to the
local gas station / food mart to buy a snack and soda AS HIS ONLY MEAL
for the day. He was homeless. I told him, "Let me take you to the
grocery store and why don't you do a little shopping and buy yourself
groceries for your week?"

We went, and he frugally checked prices, etc., and bought himself
around $23.94 worth of groceries. I was thinking, "We hardly have
money to buy ourselves groceries, but we sure have a LOT more money to
eat with than him!"

...unbelievably... I got home, having just returned with my $23
shopping trip, only to find out that a retired fire chief had only
three minutes before dropped my wife off, having taken HER to Costco
-- where we couldn't afford a membership -- and he had generously
bought for her (us) $500 worth of groceries at COSTCO prices, which
amounted to a MOUNTAIN of fresh food on our dining room table.

F-r-e-e Violin Solo Makes $400 and a Car.

Another lady asked me to play "Meditation" from Thais (Violin Solo)
for her husband's funeral, which I did -- very good friend of the
family, so it was a pleasure. Right afterward, she handed me a THANK
YOU note with $300 cash inside, then gave me a CAR to go with it!
Shortly afterward, she asked me "how is the car working?" and I said,
"Great." But, she found out I got a flat tire, so she gave me another
$100 to replace the tire.

I thoroughly believe in giving money away -- and I am very careful NOT
to let my boss know I am doing it... I've given money to people who
come in, begging, after my boss has said "Sorry..." (He has several
expensive vehicles, each of his driving-age kids owns a car, they go
to private schools, etc.) and I will sneak the beggar to the side and
say, "Shhhh! Take this..."