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STOP The Waitress from Spitting in Food-Glenn

STOP The Waitress from Spitting in Food-Glenn

What to Do When
Someone At Your
The Waitress

We no sooner sit down
and get handed a menu
when Scott - the guy with me...

Peers at the coed waitress
and says, "You're very pretty.
You Must get HIT-ON a Lot.
Tell me. What's your Strategy?

How do you handle that?

I'm Screaming to myself.
WTF - are you Crazy?)

I Interrupt Quickly so Sharon
Doesn't Poison MY FOOD

"Excuse me Sharon. Here is
a Thank you Reward for Your
Help. And I'll have the
Buffalo Burger - well done."

I hand her a LOTTO ticket.
When she brings my ice water
I give her Another Instant
Scratch Off LOTTO ticket.

Give her a LOTTO ticket
for the cook.

Sharon says, "There are 2 cooks.
So I give her Another Ticket."


Sharon says, "A Cook
won 5 bucks."

Sharon got confused
about my order and
I got potato chips
Instead of Sweet
Potato Fries.


But Scott Complains that


I am Saved from Getting my
Food SPIT on or worse.

But Scott is not so lucky.

SHARON Never did Tell
Scott her Strategy for
dealing with MEN LIKE
SCOTT - who hit on her.

My Opinion?

She Poisons them!


With balancing they normally charge $20. unless,
the tires where purchased from an American Tires store,
then they are free.

The counter man walked with me to the Jeep and I
explained I was willing to pay the $20. ...
and as we returned to the sales desk I handed him ...
A Scratcher! saying "This is for you for taking care of me!"

It didn't cost me $20. to have my tires rotated ...
"I'm taking care of you man!" he said to me.
On my way out the door I gave him a $5. bill and said,
"Please give this to the fellow who rotated my tires."
"I will!" he said with a great smile.

When I got out to the Jeep,
the tires were glistening with fresh tire black,
they looked brand new!

I love paying it forward Glenn! ...
and YES, you may use this along with my name ...
if you choose.

The Chef Shook My Hand

The Chef Shook My Hand

Hi Glenn, I used that Robert Cialdini Question from his new book Pre-something - you gave me last week - on a waitress today.

The Chef Came out and shook my hand!

Here's what I did.

I asked the Magic question of My College age waitress Sherry. "So Sherry - do you think of yourself as a follower or Do you Like to TRY NEW THINGS?

She said she likes new stuff.

So I said, "Watch this."

And Popped an Edible LED IceCube under the cheese topping of my Cup of Onion soup. It looked really Strange
flashing Red and Blue and Green from under there.

Sherry laughed.

So I handed her 3 More LED Cubes. Told her, "Here is one for you and two more for the Cooks to Play Tricks with your friends with."

The cook came out WEARING A BIG GRIN with his hand wet
and light Flashing btwn his fingers.

Shook my hand with his dry hand.

Fantastic food and service. But I've been eating at this place for Years. Never met the chef.

What else can I test?