Dr. Zapp's Testimonial(s) Page

Free Consultation = $3017 Coaching Job Plus a 5K Bonus

"I am experimenting with some ideas my creativity comes up with that are triggered
by ideas you share. I got some results tonight. I did a free sesion for a business
man, then charged him $3017.00 for some coaching. Tonight he sent me a check for
$8017.00, saying that the extra $5000.00 is an expression of appreciation for how I
have helped him. Doc"

6 Ft Tall Patient Fear Thermometer

An Aussie Dentist Told Me About His 6 Ft Tall Patient Fear Thermometer

EDITOR - I Gave the "Patient-Fear-Control" idea to Doc.

Here's What He Sent Back....

"I put up a sign that people see as soon as they sit in the chair to begin the
intake interview. The sign says THE PAIN STOPS HERE. It seems to function as a
hypnotic suggestion, because people claim it makes them get rid of what they came to
get rid of, very often. One man read it, laughed and paid me my fee. Doc