Dr McDoom's Testimonial(s) Page

7000.00 TIP STORY from Dr McDoom

(Everybody needs mentors to look up to and learn from right? Dr McDoom
is a Golden Rule mentor whose mastery of Win-Win NLP is just SPOOKY.)

(EDITOR'S NOTE - Please P ay Attn to the way Dr McDoom Positions his
Compliment. (And chooses it.) In Deep TRUST State - His patient was
DEPRESSED - then FEELING Better - Then Feeling HOPE - Then Dr McDoom
ANCHORS a New Reality - "You are now a Fascinating Woman.")

"The woman came to me suffering from EXTREMELY low self-esteem,
feeling unloved, disrespected, and unappreciated. When I did what I
knew would solve her problem, I searched my mind for a powerful

I recalled that research revealed that people would pay A LOT of money
to feel that they are the most fascinating person in a room. So I said
to her: "You are now a very fascinating woman."

My fee was $700., but when I cashed her check LATER that day, I
noticed I received $7,700.00.

I thought the cashier had made a mistake, so I asked her to double
check what was written on the check. She did, and assured me she had
not given me too much money. Obviously, the compliment I paid the
client was of GREAT value to her. That's the key. Doc