Dick T's Testimonial(s) Page

Extra Everything On TakeOut Meal

I went into a Restaurant and ordered 2 Take Out Dinners.
As You Know Restaurants are cutting back on the size
of their portions. And started Charging Extra for drinks,
napkins - all kinds of stuff.

Here's how I get around all that.

Kelly took my order. I Smiled, Handed her a Instant Scratch
Off LOTTO ticket and said, "Thanks for Helping me with my Order.
I hope you WIN 1000.00!"

Kelly lit up. Startled assembling my order. She really hustled.
After she asked me If I wanted extra knives and forks and plates
and cups...

I handed her a 2nd LOTTO ticket. And said, "A Thank You Reward
for doing such a fantastic job."

Kelly laughed and kept piling stuff in the bag. Two kinds of fish
and all the trimmings. Two kinds of soup. FULL to the top.
Not half empty - as usual.

When I ordered an Extra Quart of Veggie soup Kelly went
and got FRESH SOUP from the kitchen. And filled the
container to the brim.

Cost me an Extra 2 bucks but we got More and better
food than if we'd had a sit down meal.

Dick T.