Derrick's Testimonial(s) Page

Derrick Tips The Chef

LOTTO Ticket Testimonial from Derrick:

Step #1 - Derrick smiled at his waitress Pat

Step #2 - Derrick said, "I'm starved. So I want to THANK YOU in
advance for helping me. Here's a lotto ticket. I hope you win 1000

Pat clapped her hands. Scratched it right there.

Disappointed - she didn't win.

Step #3 - Derrick said, "Well, I'm on a roll this week. I've had 3
other waitresses win 2, 3 and 5.00

Step #4 - PLEASE Take my last LOTTO ticket to the Chef. Let me know
how much he wins, ok?

Pat laughed.

But came back in Five minutes to say, "DRAT - the cook won 3 BUCKS!"

Step #5 - Derrick says, "I told you I was LUCKY. When I come back You
Can TRY AGAIN. You're bound to Win."


Derrick says he could not even SEE his plate it was covered with so
many french fries and onion rings.