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College Student Gives Away 7.00 Gets Back 100.00

Hey Glenn,

Hope you're doing ok. Something Weird happened yesterday.
Remember how I said that I was helping my father with his book?

Well, he decided to write me a $100 check for helping him. This
is completely unprecedented. He is against any kind of allowance or otherwise.

I think this is how the Universe paid me back for the $3 & $4 money I gave,
and the genius ideas was for the information I gave out on for free on
my blog.

Pay it forward is awesome!


3 Pay it Forward Gifts Attract Genius Idea

Hi Glenn,

I recently bought your "Pay it Forward" Ebook System.
I was so excited to read it, I read it straight through
in about 2 hours.

I came upon a Veteran's Charity, and donated $2,
while saying the Mantra. A day later, I sent
$1 each to two of my best customers, while saying
the Mantra. Just today, I shovelled my neighbors deck,
and said the Mantra. And many little things, too many
to count.

Weird Things Have happened. One day
after I had done work for another person, my parents decided
to shovel the driveway and not wake me up...

But perhaps the best thing that happened, I have
been trying for almost 4 months without success to work with
Churches in a Crazy fundraising idea that I had that would make
both me and the Church I work with Munny.

And an idea popped into my head to work wtth them that
was both simple and genius... It just must have been
Divine Inspiration :)

So Thank you Glenn,
Dan S