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Dan Gets Free Beer

Dan's LOTTO TICKET Testimonial -

I walked into my local pub on a skittles night (a game we play here in
Devon during the Winter months). There were two barmaids working - a
good job I bought two tickets. After I ordered my first pint of local
ale, and received my change that's when I took action. These ladies
would hardly ever accept a drink, so it's difficult to reward them.
This event the pub was full so heres what happened.

I received the change from my round, an immediately said, "thanks, and
I know you ladies don't normally take a drink so I've done something
different for you".

I then went to explain how I appreciated their
great, friendly, warm attentive service - I anchored with a smile and
a head nod/tilt. I let them know that even though the face value was
only 1 - they could get up to 100,000 instantly.

Their reaction was interesting. They thanked me and were slightly
taken aback. They placed them on the shelf. Not only did I get great
service the rest of the evening but a mate and I even received a pint
to share that was inadvertently pulled by mistake.

I always get a warming smile and service every week I go to the pub
now. And one of the ladies won 5, so she bought a bottle of wine.

I must accentuate or revisit some more experimentation.