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P*AY IT FORWARD Testimonial - from Christopher -

(Editors Note - Extra Insulation doesn't sound like much. But the Gas and Electric Company (AND CHRIS) will save

thousands on AC over the next decade) And the HABIT of Going the Extra Mile - Recently earned Christopher A F-r-e-e House.)

Thanks Glenn,

Got something New for ya!

There is an energy saver program by My electric company that allows home owners to recieve about $500 worth of insulation if you qualify.

The inspectors came and took a look at the amount I had in My house and said I qualified.

The insulation crew came to fill the house across the street from Me and My house was next to be done.

I saw the guys were getting over heated due to being in the hot Florida sun and they were roasting in the attic.

I brought over a few bottles of ice cold water to them to help cool them down.

Next, they came to My house to do the insulation.

I went across the street to see how much they put in the attic and it was about 4 inches worth (you're only allowed about 4 inches, I believe.)

They came over to My house and took a bit longer than across the street.

After they left, I inspected to see how much they put in, they basically LOADED UP the attic!

(I'm thinking it was a LOT MORE than just $500 worth, but I KNOW it was a LOT more than the house across the street.)

Never thought a few small plastic bottles of Ice Cold Water would ever yield over $500 worth of FREE Anything!

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1 Hr Of Grass Mowing Makes 250.00

My Webmaster Chris told me this last night.

A neighbor got sick and couldn’t mow his lawn. So Gus pushed him mower down the
street and mowed the 3 foot tall grass. The NEXT DAY a 3rd neighbor called him

Gave him his “old” computer and monitor since he just got a “new” one.

Chris checked and the monitor alone was worth 250.00!