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UK Grocery Store Cashier -

thanks glenn

Well when i went to the supermarket the man who works there is a nice man, always
friendly, he told me that he has two jobs and works from morning to night.

so I asked him can i buy a scratchcard then after he handed it to me, i said to him
you do not always get friendly service when you go shopping and I appreciate that
every time i come to this counter he always is warm and welcoming so i want to give
him this scratchcard to thank him.

he was stunned, so i said what will you do if you win one hundred thousand pounds?
and before the words came from his mouth then i tilted my head.

he laughed and said that he would probably quit his other job, he was like you do
not have to give me this but i insisted, i said i have to go and get some other
items, when i came back i tilted my head and he leapt up quickly to serve me, he put
in the wrong prices.

i had a few other items and a newspaper and he only charged me for the newspaper
and then he was correcting himself saying what is he doing , he seemed to be
confused and charged me 30 pence, i suppose the equivelant would be if you were
charged 30 cents instead of $15.00

Give-To Get ENERGY BOOST Testimonial -

I was on the bus and this girls bag was overflowing into my seat, so i said i
don't want to disturb your bag, so she smiled and said oh sorry it is in your
way, so i said that is ok, after a short while i asked her did she have a nice
evening, so she told me that she did and that she spent it in london with
friends, then she said what about me i said i was just relaxing at my friends
home and that is very cold this evening so it was nice to relax in doors, she
was telling me that it is hard to know what to wear because the weather

SO after this I said so tell me what do you ENJOY doing when you go out, so
she told me well she went to something to do with hare krishna, i said is this
what you follow? she said no she is a christian but she likes studying other
followings but christianity is her main thing.

SO I said what do you LOVE most about following christianity and then she
started telling me about jesus and she got out her bible and she was going
thru the texts and showing me what she had highlighted, and she was
getting animated and talking about it,

SO i said is following christ what you are most PASSIONATE about?

And her eyes widened she said this is what I am most passionate about, She
stroked her hair so i did the same and she was getting happier.

So i said what is your Favourite part of following christ and she was telling
me because christ was pure and that nobody is pure but it is something to
strive for etc.

So she had to get off at the same stop as me, she was telling me that she
was really happy to meet me and she seemed like she had been talking to
an old friend, she seemed very happy by her reaction, she told me where
they have meetings and stuff because i asked her but i just said that for
conversation purposes.

i read your E-book "Obama hilt tilt" yesterday and i forgot to try it but i was
so focused on looking for "4th d signals" that i didnt think about it, i just
noticed her eyes widen and her lift her eyebrows and when i did the same
she seemed to get excited.

Thanks Glenn - You can share this with your readers,
Chris F.

Lotto Ticket + Compliments = MUCH MORE Food Than Usual

Hi Glenn,

after reading your messages this evening i went to the local chinese takeaway, i
gave him a lottery ticket when i paid and thanked him for having the tastiest
chinese food, i said his wife is an excellent cook, and how it was appreciated,
when i got my food it was much more than usual, so i think that it had a great
effect, i usually just tip 1 pound but i didnt get extra food like this.