Chavis B's Testimonial(s) Page

Every Time I Handed Amy a 1.00 She'd GIGGLE

U don't know me but, I am familiar with you from your Oct. 31, 2010 web-blog-radio
interview with Vegas Vince. (Definitely getting his Barter system!)


U interested me immensely so I 'tracked' u down over the internet and came
across some of your material. NLP is fascinating to moi. Was reading in your
literature somewhere about handing out $1.00 bills to waitpeople @ restaurants.
I DID IT today (Nov. 5, 2010 at about 11:30 a.m. EST at a TEXAS Steakhouse
restaurant) and IT WORKED!

My waitress' name was Amy. She gives me a menu... I gave her a dollar. She takes my
order... I give another dollar. She gives me refills brings more bread and sides...
I give her more dollars! All-in-all including my final "tip" I gave her $8.00.
Everytime I would hand her a dollar she would giggle. And look at me kinda strange
(not in a bad way) but more like 'this is cool he just keeps giving me $1.00 bills'.

After I had finished my meal I held her hand softly and wished her a great rest of
her day. She responds with 'Thank you. You do the same AND it has been a pleasure
serving you!'

NEVER has any waitperson told me it has been a pleasure serving me -- and no I'm not
a mean patron either. And I almost always leave tips (not always some waitpeople are
just downright rude).

So needless to say; I am definitely going to order your stuff too. I mean I haven't
bought anything from u yet and it is ALREADY working. Thanks.