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Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Ticket Story

Hello Glenn,

Well I finally had the chance to experience the effects of instant scratch off
lotto ticket tipping.

Today my coworker wanted to go to a particular restaurant for lunch. I had never
been there so it seemed a perfect place to hand out the lotto tickets.
I got there first and got a table and waited for my waitress. I ordered my drink
and when she brought it to the table, I thanked her and gave her a ticket.

She smiled and gave an odd look and thanked me. When my coworker got there and
ordered his drink,
I gave her another thank you and a ticket when she brought his drink to the table.
When my coworker saw what I did he asked me what was going on after she walked
away and I told him I was experimenting.
The next time she came by our table she stopped and pulled up a chair and sat down
to chat, not the usual stop and ask if we need anything
but to start talking about anything and everything.

We were the only customers in this particular section of the restaurant, her other
customers were in the next section over.
We found out about the history of her piercings and tattoos. She was rebellious
when she turned 18 because her parents
would not allow any of that beforehand. We found out what small town she was from
and the size of her family.

That she was still in the process of moving to a forth floor apartment across from
a police officer.
Her dad was also a police officer. She modeled part time and showed us her
calender photos.

She would sit at our table 5 and 10 minutes at a time and then jump up and check
other tables when she went to refill our drinks.
She told us that she had to resubmit one customers order because she let the first
order sit too long before she checked on it.

After I finished my meal I asked her to take a ticket to the cook and thank him
for doing a good job with my steak.
She comes back, sits down again and tells us about the big smile and the surprised
look on the cooks face when she gave him the ticket.

My coworker could not believe the amount of time that she spent at our table or
all the stuff she told us.
I didn't even try any of the trance lock questions. As successful as the tickets
were, I thought I would save the questions for another visit.

Thanks for the fun.


P.S. Glenn, you can use / edit this testimonial any way you see fit.