Tony's Testimonial(s) Page

Waitress Serves Tony the Wrong Meal!

I go to a new restaurant tonight for dinner
I'm getting heavily rained on walking from the carpark
As I enter the door the hostess (who looks like the owner) is looking at me sad
I give her a big and wave

She smiles right back & points at my wet shirt near my left shoulder

(I'm thinking this is too easy she's initiated the pointing)
I point at her shirt, then at mine (same spot near my left shoulder) &
give her the thumbs up

I say "Thanks for noticing I'm wet ... & happy... I'm happy to be here
- you have a lovely restaurant"

she was acting a little flustered explaining I was the third guy to
come in for dinner without a partner

she took me to a table

I asked what she recommended

she then told me all about this dish & that

we stayed standing and as she pointed to the pictures on the menu,
I would point as well and mimicked the exact position of her fingers
(she sort of fanned her fingers with the pinky sticking out.

I asked about the duck dishes

she said good choice & told me about 2 - the plum & the garlic versions

I ordered the plum - she wrote it down & whisked off to the kitchen to
let them know

I got the garlic!

she came over about halfway through the meal & I mentioned that I'm
not a fan of chilli but it's ok & not too hot

she then realised that I'd got the wrong meal & couldn't explain how
that happened & was again flustered

when I was finished eating, I went to pay

the bill was $19, I had a $20 & when she went to hand the $1 in change
back to me, I handed it back saying keep it that's for you & your big