Amber O's Testimonial(s) Page

1.00 Makes 26.00

1.00 Makes 26.00

Amber says, "Wow you have a famous Name. Jimmy Buffet, Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Falon. Here's a Thank you Reward
TIP for helping me Check out."

And she hands Jimmy a LOTTO ticket.

They chit chat back and forth.

Amber takes her shopping cart full of bags of food out to the car. Starts loading up the front seat.

Glances up and here comes Jimmy
waddling across the parking lot.

She'd forgotten her Strawberry ice-cream.

Amber THANKS Jimmy.

Gets home.

In the bag with the IceCream he finds a Swordfish steak - with a 13.00 label on it.

A Sirloin Steak with a 13.00 p-rice tag on it.

A 1.00 LOTTO ticket made Amber an Extra 26.00 in food
supplies she doesn't have to buy.

Story told
by Amber

Garbage Can Smashers Turn Into Garbage Lovers

(Editor: Amber calls me by phone. I write down her results)

The garbage men were throwing my plastic garbage cans down on the ground.
The wind would blow them into the road. They'd get smashed.

It was costing me 20.00 a mo to replace them. I started putting a banana or an apple
or a plastic wrapped Cookie on top.

Now the same guys carefully put the cans back so they don't blow away. And even
put the lids back on. 240.00 down to a cookie a week. Night and Day difference!

Thank you,

20.00 tip turns into 4700.00

(Editor - Called in by phone)

In New York City for a medical Convention
I dropped my bags with the Concierge. Gave
him 20.00 tip and went to dinner.

When I came back I gave a big wedge
of chocolate fudge to the desk clerk and
concierge. Then come to find out my
room had been given to someone else!

No more rooms. Sold out. The Clerk
and Concierge huddled with the manager
and I got the Penthouse Suite for the night!

No Charge. 4700.00 a night.


20.00 Saves 2400.00 on 1st Class Plane tickets

Hey Glenn,

I got an up-grade to 1st class for myself
and my husband. As each stewardess
came by our seats I gave them a 5.00
Disney watch.

Then asked if there were any seats
with better leg room. My hubby is 6
feet 6 inches tall. Long legs.

Turns out there were empty seats in
1st class and we got them. Only cost
me 20 dol lars more for two 1200.00
tickets to Los Angeles.


100.00 Makes 5000.00

A Pharmaceutical Client demanded
I go to a Trade Show with no warning.
And all the hotel rooms near the event
were sold out.

I told my client and added 5000.00 to my
bill for time, labor and paying people to shlep
my stuff back and forth.

Then had a thought.

I read this in a book. I called the hotel
closest to the venue. Asked for the Desk
Clerk. Said, "I'll give you 100.00 if you
call me 1st when you have a cancellation
in the next 3 days. Here's my #.

She called the next day! I never told my
lazy pharmaceutical product manager
client either.


Mini WorkShop Saves 1.3 Million Dollars & Grows The Account

Amber told me what happened when she went shopping yesterday.

She goes in to stock up on food at 10 pm.
Only one Cash Register open. A heavy set young black guy named Jimmy.
Amber called me to share a story:

"My #1 Client called to say WE ARE CANCELING Your Pharmaceutical Research Contract."

I asked Amber, "What did you say?"

"I thought fast. And told the New Product Development Manager I'd be Happy to do a
Free Mini-Workshop to get their in-house Research Team up to Speed."

"What Happened?" I asked.

Amber Laughed. "Eyes started Bulging in the 1st 45 minutes. During Lunch the New
Division head came up to me and said, "MY GAWD.
We had no idea you were doing all this work. We donít have the staffers to handle
this. PLEASE Keep doing our Market Research."

Amber then explained how she dropped all advertising. Called current clients to
offer a "Free Training". It's the most
profitable Sales Strategy Iíve ever used. Iím scheduling mini-workshops with
prospects now too!"

Quoted from phone conversation w/ Amber